Thursday, March 23, 2006

We're getting ready

Well, we've decided to jump and get married! Though, we like to call our big day a 'celebration,' 'lovefest,' or simply party! That way, we're not exactly following the tradition of weddings and marriage, but rather making it unique to us. Since we're politically minded people, and my feminism also holds firm that i not wear white and be 'given away,' we've created this blog to help our friends and family learn more about our celebration and decisions.

We've made some progress thus far:
1)We are having our celebratrion in July, at the Toronto Islands, at a lovely clubhouse/Montessori school site. This is perfect for us - i get to be on the beach and J gets to bike around all weekend.

2) As we're both vegetarians, the food will also all be vegetarian - not to punish people or make them feel like they have to convert but rather to let them know we can both eat healthy and tasty food! Plus it's our day so why should there be meat lingering around?!

3) Our friend will act as the facilitator to the program; she has known us a couple since before Day 1 and has just as radical politics - a perfect way to stick it to the man, really!

4) We have our cake being made from the lovely Red Tea Box! Vegan too!

5) We have a guest list and just made our first post here!


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