Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Our Special Day

We always knew that we wanted to be together, and that we wanted to celebrate it. What we didn't think about until recently was how to do this by still respecting 'us.' There is a lot of the challenges around the tradition of marriage and weddings, and all the pressure people put on it made it hard for us to come up with something that worked well. Until now.

We don't want to celebrate in a wedding factory - something that is not unique, and relies on corporations and big box shops that take over. We also aren't religious people and nor do we have oodles and oodles of money - though if we did, we would spend it more wisely than on a 1-day party!

One other thing that is important to us is appreciating where we come from and respecting social justice work. As people who are in love with our city, we really want to honour it by having our Celebration in our city, and also working with local merchants, artists, and community groups. One way we're doing that is by having our Celebration on the Toronto Islands - a wonderful place that sits on Lake Ontario and overlooks the downtown core. We go there each summer and have such fabulous memories there - that and J wants to be a hippy and i've been described as a bohemian, so it seems like a perfect fit! Oh, and staying true to us also means having a vegetarian meal - being a vegetarian/vegan for 14 years is a big part of me and something i hold dear - so i couldn't possibly have meat near me on 'My Day.' But, we'll get to that another time.

Also, as someone who makes jewellry for fun, i really wanted to find a ring - though we're still not sure if we want to be 'branded' like this forever - that was by a local designer. J wanted a ring that did not have a 'blood diamond' and i totally agree - but we both agreed it would be fun to get me a ring anyway! So, he picked out this (see the picture above) gorgeous ring all by himself - a big shiny ring in our colours! It's originally from a designer from Greece but our lovely friend Suzanne tweaked it to make it ours. For us, you don''t have to have a diamond ring to let everyone know that you're 'engaged.' I love all the compliments i get on it - it is truly a conversation starter which is great because i can tell people what it represents and let them know it's okay to think out of the box!


Blogger jen said...

the ring looks beautiful, but it's hard to see on my monitor. any chance you can post a close up to flickr?

i CAN tell that you look absolutely beautiful in that picture though.

7:37 AM

Blogger sunshine scribe said...

You look stunning in this picture. I love your Island Celebration Blog. Everything about it is so spectacular and such a beautiful reflection of you both. I am so looking forward to your big day.

3:12 PM


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