Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Six Weeks and Counting

FAQ #2

How on Earth do i get to the Island, and where on Earth is your celebration going to be?


We are very excited that all invited guests will be making their way to our big day via a ferry and/or water taxis! As my mom says, this will be her cruise vacation. A mere $6 pays for your return travel very the City of Toronto Ferry, and there are separate private water taxis for those latecomers or late leavers. The Docks is where the Ferry dock location is, and it is right at the waterfront, east of Yonge. It is at the foot of Bay St. and Queen's Quay, right by the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. Parking is adjacent to the Docks: Please see this link for Ferry parking and schedule. Scroll down until you see Ward's Island Summer Schedule.

Our party is on Ward's Island, the most left island of the three ferries. It will leave Toronto Harbour every half hour in the afternoon, so we strongly suggest you try to make the 3pm or 3:30 pm ferry. If you want to discover the island first, come earlier. The last ferry to leave Ward's is at 11:45 pm, but we will be working with a water taxi service to help this process at night (i.e. for those that want to stay and dance the night away with us!).

Our celebration is at Algonquin Island Association, a mere 10 minute walk once you dock. If you look at the picture above, it is #38 on the map. We will have orange and blue balloons to guide you, and here is a full map to help you see this better. Also, if you need some support walking (and let's hope it's not 35 degrees or raining), we will also rent a fun bike/rickshaw and have an advanced biker escort you. It is a paved road and a lovely walk through the residential area of the island.

Keep checking here for more info, but i hope this will help you get there!


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SIX weeks! Wow - it is coming up fast! Thanks for this post - this direction-challeneged woman needed it :)

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That's a great story. Waiting for more. »

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