Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Agenda

As July 15 edges closer, we thought we would ease some of the tension and spark some excitement by posting a rough schedule for the day.

The day officially begins at 4pm with the start of the program, where all of you will be asked to contribute a vocal or dance performance...well, maybe not, but I would like to see that program!
So, the program starts at 4pm, but because lots of people love to go to the islands in the summer, you may want to catch a ferry a little earlier, just to be sure you get on the ferry and make it to the program in time. In the summer, ferry's to Ward's Island run every half hour, so at the latest catch the 3:30pm ferry, but if it's busy that could be pushing it. In anticipation that people will come a little early, we'll have cold drinks and of course us to keep you company!

3-4 Arrive at Algonquin Island Association
4-4:30 or 4:45-Program
5-7 Cocktail Hour (or as Joel likes to call it-Happy Hour!)
7-8:30 Dinner-Look out, this will be tasty!
8:30-10 - Dessert, Dance performances and Salsa lessons
10-closing - Dj Mark will get us moving!

Last ferry leaves Ward's Island at 11:45 but we hope to have a taxi service available. (Stay tuned!)

Party on the beach! Vania and Joel will be on the Ward's Island beach for a picnic/beach fun day. For anyone still around or for our friends who live in the city, please come join us! Here's a picture of the beach in 1975, so you will have to come on the 16th to find out how great it is now!
Meet at the clubhouse at noon and we'll walk over, or just come straight to the beach on Ward's Island.


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